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Air Freight


When you need the fastest mode of transportation, you can count on our air freight services to deliver your freight anywhere in the world. Our experienced team will work closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft service for your freight. Whether you need to fly a small package or an oversized cargo, we will evaluate the freight size, budget and delivery time and provide you with the best air freight solution.

We’ll handle all the details of your air cargo, even door-to-door service including all transfers. Need an urgent cargo charter, private executive jet travel or project charter service? We’ll provide you the best solution to get your air freight delivered in the time you’ve indicated.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your delivery time frame and budget. We have no weight, size or piece limitations (beyond aircraft capabilities), and offer full support services including c.o.d., prepaid or collect, third party invoicing, as well as free domicile international services.

  • Expedited and General Cargo Air Freight Services
  • Door to Door, Door to Airport
  • Chartering and Aircraft Brokering
  • Import & Export Services
  • Full Support Services Including C.O.D., Prepaid, Collect or 3rd Party Invoicing.

We have the experience and dedication to deliver anything, at anytime, anywhere in the world!

Depending on your budget and delivery time frame, we offer two levels of air freight services:
General Cargo Air Service and Expedited Air Service.

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Allegro Freight Services Inc.


It is a great pleasure to work with Allegro Freight Group, truly one of a kind. So dedicated to their customers… There is never any doubt that our shipment small or large is handled precisely, professionally and always with the customer in mind. Truly a pleasure to work with such a complete Team of Professionals from top to bottom.